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This page shows all planning requests which have been received by the Parish Council from 1st January 2012 and the subsequent decision by the planning authorities. For earlier applications, please see this page.

The planning authority for this parish, which includes the villages of Ravenscar and Staintondale, is the North York Moors National Park Authority. Copies of all applications (and plans) submitted to NYMNP are sent to the Clerk to the Parish Council. The Parish Council's comments on an application are taken into consideration when the NYMNP makes its decision.

Any parishioner wishing to object or support an application is welcome to look at the plans which the Clerk holds, by prior appointment please. If any further information is needed, such as the cut off date for letters to the Planning Inspectorate regarding appeals pending or the date of a public appeal hearing, you can contact the Clerk.

Contact details:

North York Moors National Park,
The Old Vicarage,
YO62 5BP
Tel: 01439 770657
Clerk to Staintondale Parish Council,
Mrs J. Marley
41 Scalby Road
YO13 0HN
Tel: 01723 870299


When Where What Decision
1/12 Bees Nest Farm, Staintondale Convert redundant garage to living accommodation & external refurbishment work. Granted
1/12 Sunnyhill, Staintondale Rd, Ravenscar Erect double garage & change of land use to extend drive & create wildlife pond Granted
1/12 Grange Farm, Staintondale Erect 50kW wind turbine (height to blade tip 34.2m). [Revised scheme to the one considered 9/11] Granted on appeal
1/12 Moor Edge, Staintondale Rd, Ravenscar Remove shed, erect double garage with domestic workshop/store Granted
3/12 Grange Farm, Staintondale Erect 4 feed bins Refused
3/12 Grange Farm, Staintondale Erect covered area for livestock Refused
3/12 Grange Farm, Staintondale Erect 4no. 11kW wind turbines (heights to blade tip 21.5m and 24.8m) Refused
7/12 Rudda Farm, Staintondale Lean-to extension to agricultural building Granted
7/12 Broom Rise, Pollard Rd, Ravenscar Alterations & erect 2 and single storey extensions and replacement porch Granted
7/12 Hillside Grange, S'Dale Change of land use to form riding arena for hobby use Granted
9/12 Falcon Inn, Whitby Road Erect 6 timber chalets for holiday use + access & landscaping work Granted
9/12 2 Glenville Cottages, S'Dale Erect replacement single storey rear extension Granted
11/12 Whitestone Farm, S'Dale Demolish conservatory erect 2 storey extension Granted
1/13 Grange Farm, S'Dale Erect agricultural livestock building (retrospective) (2012/818) Granted on appeal
1/13 Falcon Inn, Whitby Road Use of land for 3 camping pods & access track Granted
5/13 Parish Field, S'Dale Create gated access Granted
7/13 Grange Farm, S'Dale Erect replacement agricultural livestock building (2013/409) Granted
7/13 Grange Farm, S'Dale Erect replacement agricultural livestock building (2013/410) Granted
7/13 Grange Farm, S'Dale Erect replacement agricultural livestock building for calving boxes (2013/411) Refused, appeal dismissed
7/13 High Peak, Ravenscar Vary conditions in existing consents so as to permit occupation as a local occupancy dwelling (2013/643) Granted
9/13 Smugglers Rock, Ravenscar Erect 2no. 5kW wind turbines (height to blade tip 17.75m) Refused
9/13 Falcon Inn, Whitby Road Use of land & access tracks for 12 camping pods (revised scheme to NYM/2012/0837/FL) Granted
9/13 Wykewood, Downdale Road, Staintondale Changes to approval NYM/2009/0631/FL to allow amended conservatory, windows, internal layout and roof covering Granted
10/13 Church Farm, Staintondale Formation of wildlife pond (2013/668) Granted
10/13 Church Farm, Staintondale Permanent change of use agricultural buildings to commercial storage/workshop units (Use classes B2 and B8) (2013/681) Granted
10/13 Raven Hall Hotel Erect building to house biomass system & associated flue, (2013/695) Granted
11/13 Grange Farm, S'Dale Erect replacement agricultural livestock building (2013/474) Granted
11/13 Grange Farm, S'Dale Erect replacement agricultural livestock building (2013/476) Granted
11/13 Grange Farm, S'Dale Erect replacement agricultural livestock building (2013/758) Granted
3/14 Church Farmhouse, Staintondale Relax agricultural occupancy condition so as to permit local occupancy (2014/0054) Granted
3/14 4 Loring Rd, Ravenscar 2 storey side extension, single storey rear extension & porch to front (2014/0131) Granted
5/14 Meeting House Fm, Staintondale Vary conditions 10 & 11 of NYM4/029/0066C so as to allow 3 hgoliday cottages to be used as local needs letting units. (2014/0183) Granted
7/14 Fair View, Robin Hood Rd, Ravenscar Erect domestic outbuilding (2014/0339) Granted
9/14 Beacon windmill, Ravenscar Planning and listed building applications to reinstate window in north elevation (2014/0567 and 0568) Granted
9/14 Grange Farm, S'Dale Revised scheme for milking parlour & associated works (2014/0606) Granted
10/14 Wykewood Bungalow, S'Dale Erect garage/store (part retrospective) (2014/0635) Granted
11/14 The whole parish Potash mine (minehad near Sneaton), tunnel to Teesside and processing facility at Teesside Granted
12/14 Raven Hall Hotel, Ravenscar Alterations to second floor attic rooms including installation of rooflights to create 3 ensuite rooms and creation of link corridor (2014/0779) Granted
2/15 Grange Farm, S'Dale Erect agricultural livestock building (2015/0008/FL) Granted
2/15 Beacon Windmill, Ravenscar Site 16 ground mounted solar panels & air source heat unit (2015/0067) [Solar panel part of application withdrawn 16/3/2015] Granted
3/15 Wykewood Bungalow, S'Dale Erect timber building & decking and create new vehicular access (2015/0124) Granted
4/15 Hill View Barn, Staintondale NYM/2015/0107/FL. Erect domestic storage building Refused
4/15 Woodland to rear of The Falcon, Cloughton Moor NYM/2015/0230/FL Use of land for siting 12 camping pods & access track Granted
5/15 North Bridge Farm, Staintondale NYM/2015/0279/FL. Convert redundant agricultural buildings to 3 local occupancy units (2 with flexible use to include holiday letting) and storage space with access and landscaping. Granted
5/15 Ravenhurst, Ravenscar NYM/2015/0282/FL. Part rebuilding of and alterations to garage to form sun room and boiler room and erection of shed Granted
8/15 Moraine, Ravenscar NYM/2015/0494/FL Alterations & extension to garage to form separate unit of accommodation Withdrawn
9/15 Falcon, Whitby Road NYM/2015/0558/FL Erect reception building Granted
9/15 Dunholme, Ravenscar NYM/2015/0627/FL Conservatory extension Granted
11/15 Grange Farm, S'Dale NYM/2015/0639/FL Erect livestock handling building (part retrospective) Granted
11/15 Kine Rigg Farm, S'Dale NYM/2015/0731/FL Erect replacement 17.5metre mast, 3 antennae dishes/RRU & alterations to ground-based equipment cabinet Granted
12/15 Falcon, Whitby Road NYM/2015/0834/FL Erect log store and boiler house building Granted
12/15 Falcon, Whitby Road NYM/2015/0894/FL Re-roofing works to conservatory Granted
1/16 Peakside Visitor Centre & Alum Works, R'scar NYM/2015/0916/FAD Display of signs and replacement interpretation panels Granted
1/16 Peakside Visitor Centre, R'scar NYM/2015/0936/FL Use of premises to include cafe (Use Class A3) together with siting of 3 picnic tables and 2 cycle racks Granted
5/16 High Leas, Staintondale NYM/2016/0241/FL Vary condition 8 of NYM4/027/0104 and condition 7 of NYM4/027/0104A so as to allow occupation as a local occupancy dwelling. Withdrawn
5/16 Former Methodist Chapel, Staintondale NYM/2016/0246/FL. Alterations & extension to and change of use of holistic therapy & teaching centre to one local needs letting dwelling. Granted
5/16 Mooredge, Ravenscar NYM/2016/0257/FL Erect domestic general purpose/workshop building. Granted
5/16 Reafen Cottage, Ravenscar NYM/2016/0286/NM Amendment to approved application NYM/2010/0665/FL to allow relocation of a south facing window on existing dwelling to south facing wall of new bathroom extension currently under construction. Granted
7/16 Church Farm, Ravenscar NYM/2016/0335/FL Erect timber field shelter Granted
9/16 Stonelea, Staintondale NYM/2016/0575/FL Change of use shop & post office to additional living accommodation & subdivide to create 1 additional local occupancy dwelling Granted
9/16 Falcon Inn, Whitby Road NYM/2016/0596/FL Replacement single storey extension and covered walkway Granted
9/16 High Peak House, Ravenscar NYM/2016/0638/FL Remove condition 3 of NYM/2013/0432/FL so as to allow unrestricted occupancy Granted
11/16 Holmlea, Ravenscar NYM/2016/0763/FL Alterations & extensions together with construction of replacement garage Granted
12/16 4 Loring Rd, Ravenscar NYM/2016/0807/FL Erect 2 storey side extension & replacement flat roof with 2 roof lanterns at back Granted
1/17 Grange Farm, Staintondale NYM/2015/0638/FL Erect lean-to extension to milking parlour and 3no. feed bins (max. height 8m) Granted
1/17 Island Farm Cottage, S'Dale NYM/2016/0866/FL Change of use and alterations to pool house to form two holiday letting cottages with associated amenity space Granted
6/17 Hillside Farm, S'Dale NYM/2017/0100/FL Construct storage building Granted
6/17 Hill View Barn, S'Dale NYM/2017/0340/FL Vary condition 4 of NYM/2009/0699/FL to allow local occupancy dwelling to be used as holiday accommodation Granted
7/17 1 Station Square, Ravenscar NYM/2017/0377/FL Demolish and replace existing single storey building together with 6 rooflights, 2 replacement windows and french door at Granted
7/17 Peakside Farm, Ravenscar NYM/2017/0460/FL Install satellite dish to side elevation at Peakside Farm, Ravenscar Granted
9/17 1 Loring Road, Ravenscar NYM/2017/0535/FL Pitched roof with lantern to existing conservatory together with hipped roof to existing dormer window Granted
9/17 Fair View, Robin Hood Road, Ravenscar NYM/2017/0564/FL Two storey extension with terraced balcony to form annexe accommodation together with first floor balcony to side extension (part retrospective) Granted
10/17 Peakside Cottage, Ravenscar NYM/2017/0642/CLP Certificate of Lawfulness for proposed installation of flue pipe Granted
10/17 Bent Rigg Farm, Ravenscar NYM/2017/ 0678/FL Use of land for siting of one railway carriage for holiday purposes (retrospective) Granted
3/18 Land west of Grange Farm, Staintondale NYM/2018/0025/FL Construct cattle underpass Granted
5/18 Island Farm House, Staintondale NYM/2018/0051/FL Vary condition 3 of approval 6/3/1894 and 2 of approval 6/3/1943 so as to allow agricultural worker’s dwelling to be used as a holiday let Granted
5/18 Rudda Farm, Staintondale NYM/2018/0052/FL Conversion of and porch extension to redundant farm buildings to form 4 holiday cottages with associated parking together with reduction in size of existing portal framed agricultural building Granted
5/18 Fairview, Robin Hood Road, Ravenscar NYM/2018/0301/FL Vary condition 4 of NYM/2008/0158/FL to allow uPVC windows to two storey rear extension Granted
6/18 Meeting House Farm, Staintondale NYM/2018/0271/CU Change of use from husky trekking centre to dog boarding kennels Granted
6/18 Hill View Barn, Staintondale NYM/2018/0368/FL Demolish existing dwelling & outbuildings & construct replacement local occupancy letting dwelling with holiday use Granted, appeal submitted
11/18 Raven Lea, Station Rd, Ravenscar NYM/2018/0667/FL Retention of single storey extension & change of use to holiday letting cottage Granted
5/19 Land near Thorny Beck, Stubbs Lane, S'Dale NYM/2019/0200/FL Erect agricultural storage building with associated access track Pending

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