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This page shows all planning requests which were received by the Parish Council from 1st January 2001 to 31st December 2011 and the subsequent decision by the planning authorities. Applications from 1st January 2012 can be found here.

The planning authority for this parish, which includes the villages of Ravenscar and Staintondale, is the North York Moors National Park Authority. Copies of all applications (and plans) submitted to NYMNP are sent to the Clerk to the Parish Council. The Parish Council's comments on an application are taken into consideration when the NYMNP makes its decision.

Any parishioner wishing to object or support an application is welcome to look at the plans which the Clerk holds, by prior appointment please. If any further information is needed, such as the cut off date for letters to the Planning Inspectorate regarding appeals pending or the date of a public appeal hearing, you can contact the Clerk.

Contact details:

North York Moors National Park,
The Old Vicarage,
YO62 5BP
Tel: 01439 770657
Clerk to Staintondale Parish Council,
Mrs J. Marley
41 Scalby Road
YO13 0HN
Tel: 01723 870299






1/00 Dunelm, R'Scar Change of use, shop/Post Office in part of house Granted
2/00 North Bridge End, Downdale Road, S'Dale Convert farm buildings to make house & workshop. Refused on appeal
3/00 Bloody Beck Barn, Bell Hill Alterations to approved scheme re. converting byre to dwelling Granted
5/00 Bent Rigg Farm, R'Scar Change of use, bunk barn to holiday cottage Granted
5/00 Sunnyside, R'Scar Build detached double garage Granted
5/00 White Hall Fm, S'Dale Convert ground floot to 2 holiday units Granted
6/00 OS34, Raven Hall Rd Outline application for 5 houses Granted on appeal
6/00 The Barn, Bell Hill Build stable block and store room Granted
7/00 Police Mast, R'Scar 3 dipoles and 2 microwave dishes to existing mast Granted
7/00 Wellfield, R'Scar Cert. of lawfulness to allow continued occupation without complying with agricultural occupancy restriction Granted
8/00 Crag Hill, R'Scar Change of use, hotel to house Granted
8/00 White Cottage, Peakside Build conservatory to rear Withdrawn
10/00 Prior Dene, Prior Wath Rd. Build two single storey buildings for use as cattery Granted
10/00 Police Mast, R'scar 2 antennae for Cellnet on existing mast Granted
10/00 Shepherd's Arms, S'Dale Change of use, pub to house Granted
11/00 Fir Tree Lodge, R'scar Build stable and store Granted
11/00 Church Fm, R'scar Change of use/alterations to outbuilding to form granny annexe Granted
11/00 Church Road Fm, R'scar Change of use/extension for agricultural engineering business + 2 stall stable Granted
12/00 Post Office (Stonelea) S'Dale Satellite dish for Post Office Granted
3/01 Old Shepherd's, S'Dale Conservatory extension & alterations (& Oct. amendments) Granted
4/01 Wellfield Bungalow, R'Scar Erect 3 stables+store room Granted
6/01 Hillside Fm., S'Dale Convert outbuildings to 2 permanent residential units (except unit 1 approved for holiday use), demolish remaining farm buildings. Refused
7/01 Rudda Fm., S'Dale Revised scheme - change of use & alterations to redundant farm buildings to form dwelling. Refused
7/01 Rudda Fm., S'Dale Build side & rear extensions to farmhouse Granted
8/01 Denton Ho., Ravenscar Build external chimney stack Granted
8/01 Kine Rigg Fm., S'Dale Erect livestock building Granted

Peakside, R'Scar

Replacement mess/workshop, foul treatment plant, car park Granted
9/01 Hillside Fm, S'Dale Convert outbuilding to 1 holiday cottage & demolish barn Granted
9/01 Rudda Fm. S'Dale Revised scheme - change of use & alterations to redundant farm building to form dwelling Granted
9/01 Cliff House, R'scar Lean to greenhouse Granted


OS 34, Raven Hall Rd

Reserved matters, 5 houses & garages


11/01 OS 34, Raven Hall Rd Build 3 stables, tack/feed room, turning area (subsequently amended) Granted
11/01 Hammond Rd, R'scar Sewerage packing plant Granted
11/01 Cliff Rd, R'scar Underground sewage pumping station & top kiosk Granted
11/01 Hillcrest, Church Rd, R'scar Build garage and link wall Granted
2/02 Station Rd, R'scar Replacement Coastguard Station Granted
2/02 2 Glenville Cotts, S'dale Alteration/extension side store to accommodation Granted
2/02 Police Mast, R'scar 2 microwave dishes to mast Granted
3/02 Shire Horse Fm., S'Dale All weather equestrian demonstration area Granted
4/02 Reafen Cott., Peakside Small extension + replacement conservatory Granted
7/02 Mountain Ash, S'Dale Timber garden store Granted
Gainforth Ho., S'dale
Dormer extension
Smugglers Rock, R'Scar
Build second floor to give extra 2 bed. holiday accomm.
Meeting Ho. Fm, S'dale
Convert farm buildings to 3 holiday units
Tofta Fm, S'dale
Convert farm buildings to 3 holiday cottages
Ness Hall, R'scar
Build uPVC conservatory to rear
10/02 1 Station Sq., R'Scar Double garage to bike hire facility Granted
10/02 Lowfield, S'Dale Retention timber stable Granted
11/02 Lowfield, S'Dale Retention timber buildings for reception/laundry Granted
11/02 Lower Quarry Fm, S'Dale Change of use, land/buildings to trekking centre Granted
1/03 Whitehall Fm, S'dale Conversion of farm buildings to 3 holiday cottages (retrospective) Granted
1/03 Whitehall Fm, S'dale Certificate Lawfulness, creation of single dwellinghouse Granted
1/03 St. Hilda's Church, R'scar Alteration/extensions, 2 dormer windows Granted
1/03 Whitehall Fm, S'dale Convert building to disabled holiday cottage Refused
1/03 Sumgglers Rock, R'scar Storage building Granted
2/03 rear Old Forge, S'dale Outline application for dwelling Granted
2/03 Meadow Beck Barn, Bell Hill, S'dale 3 bay stable block for domestic use Granted on appeal
5/03 Rudda Fm, S'Dale Agricultural building Granted
6/03 Lowfield, Staintondale 2 single storey extensions Granted
6/03 Kine Rigg Fm, S'Dale Livestock building Granted
7/03 Oaken Barn, Bell Hill, S'Dale Wooden shed Refused
9/03 Smuggler's Rock, R'scar Ground and first floor extensions to rear Granted
9/03 Hillside Fm., S'Dale Extension, porch & conservatory Granted
10/03 Oaken Barn, Bell Hill, S'Dale Wooden shed Withdrawn
10/03 adjacent Raven Lea, Station Rd, R'scar Outline application for dwelling Refused on appeal
10/03 Island Fm., S'dale Conversion/extension outbuildings to form extension to dwelling Granted
12/03 High Peak House, Pollard Rd, R'scar Two single storey extensions Granted
1/04 White Hall Fm, S'dale Change of use/conversion farmbuilding to disabled holiday cottage Granted on appeal
5/04 Wykewood, Downdale Rd, S'dale Single storey rear extension & replacement conservatory Granted
6/04 4 Loring Rd, R'scar Dormer window Granted
6/04 Prospect House Fm, S'dale Convert 2 barns to holiday cottages Granted
8/04 Moorland House, S'dale Erect stable block Granted
8/04 White Hall, S'dale Polytunnel (retrospective) for domestic use 5 yr. temporary consent granted
9/04 Prior Dene, S'dale Timber stable block Granted
9/04 Robin Hill, R'scar Erect stable block (amended 23/2/05) Granted
11/04 Mountain Ast, S'Dale Erect greenhouse Granted
1/05 Grange Fm, S'dale Lean-to extension to barn Granted
1/05 Cragg Hall, R'scar Access works Granted
2/05 Boundary's Edge, R'scar Add 1st floor and change garage to store (retrospective) Granted
2/05 Cliff House, R'scar Single storey extension Granted
4/05 Grange Fm, S'dale Livestock building Granted
5/05 Hillcrest, Church Rd, R'scar Rear extension, front porch, new outer walls to provide cavity insulation Granted
5/05 Island Cottage Fm, S'dale Erect general purpose ag. building (+ subsequent amended plans) Granted
5/05 4 Loring Rd, R'scar Erect conservatory Granted
5/05 Cragg Hall, R'scar Extensions/alterations including conservatory & new dormers to farmhouse, plus conversion of outbuildings to camping barn/holiday accommodation Pending
5/05 Lowfield, S'Dale Convert touring caravan site into site for 10 log cabins Refused
5/05 rear of Old Forge, S'Dale Erect 2 dwellings & garages Granted
7/05 Raven Hall Hotel Install flue to southern elevation Granted
8/05 Meeting House Fm, S'Dale Convert outbuilding to agricultural worker's dwelling Withdrawn
9/05 Square Moor Fm, S'Dale Additional loose boxes Withdrawn
9/05 Hayburn Dene, S'Dale Dormer windows (4) & balcony Granted
10/05 Meeting House Fm, S'Dale Construct residential annexe & subsequent amendments Granted
10/05 Church Fm, S'Dale Change of use agricultural buildings to commercial storage/workshops [use classes B2 and B8] Temporary consent to 19 Dec 2007
10/05 Coney Springs, R'scar Erect detached double garage and joinery workshop (use Class B2) Granted
10/05 Coney Springs, R'scar Erect single storey rear extension & annexe to side elevation Granted
11/05 Square Moor Fm, S'Dale Replacement bulding Withdrawn
11/05 Lowfield, S'Dale Erect 8 holiday cabins Granted on appeal
12/05 Kine Rigg Fm, S'Dale Erect machinery shed, roof over collecting yard, extend portal frame building Granted
1/06 Rushcroft, R'scar Front & rear extensions Refused
1/06 Square Moor Fm, S'Dale Erect 3 loose boxes & tack room Granted
1/06 Square Moor Fm, S'Dale Demolish redundant building, erect replacement storage building Granted
2/06 The Shepherds, S'Dale Erect replacement field barn, change of land use to permit horses Withdrawn
2/06 Windy Ridge, S'Dale Front extension to form porch/sunroom Granted
3/06 Dunholme, R'scar Detached garage & replacement porch Granted
3/06 The Shepherds, S'Dale Erect stable & storage barn, change of land use to permit keeping of horses Refused
4/06 Peak House, Pollard Rd, R'scar Siting of oil tanks Granted
4/06 Stationmaster's House, R'scar Outdoor riding arena Granted
5/06 Cragg Hall, R'scar Amended plans for alterations to farmhouse (a listed building) Pending
6/06 Worfolk, S'Dale Rear extension, wind turbine etc Granted
6/06 Land near former Shepherd's Arms, S'Dale Outline application for low cost housing development Refused
6/06 Grange Fm, S'Dale Extension to milking parlour Granted
6/06 Grange Fm, S'Dale Erect stable/livestock building Refused
6/06 Grange Fm, S'Dale Erect agricultural livestock building Granted
7/06 Radio Mast, R'Scar Mount 2 additional dish antennae Granted
7/06 Rushcroft, R'Scar Front porch, convert garage to family room Granted
10/06 Rudda Fm, S'dale Demolish garage, erect agricultural building Granted
10/06 Barn House, Plane Tree Fm, S'dale Wind turbine & solar water panels Granted
1/07 Grange Farm, S'dale Erect agricultural building to house cows (part A) Granted
1/07 Grange Farm, S'dale Erect agricultural building to house cows (part B) Granted
1/07 Lowfield, S'dale Amended Scheme to erect 8 holidays cabins Granted
3/07 Meeting House Fm, S'dale Change of use, part field 8512, to create husky trekking track Granted
4/07 Whitestone Fm, S'dale Convert 2 buildings to 3 holiday units Granted
5/07 Old Shepherds, S'dale Demolish agricultural building & erect replacement Granted
5/07 Raven Hall Erect 3 timber cabin blocks to provide 8 holiday units Granted
6/07 Station House, S'dale Convert outbuilding to ancillary accommodation & erect porch Granted
7/07 Church Fm, S'dale Renewal of temporary consent, agricultural buildings to commercial storage/workshops [use classes B2 and B8] Temporary consent to 30 April 2009
8/07 Land adjacent Wellfield, Ravenscar & known as Cobb Farm Change of use to permit siting of mobile home in barn Refused
9/07 Denton House, R'scar Erect external chimney stack Granted
10/07 Barn House, Bell Hill, S'dale Erect greenhouse Granted
10/07 Prior Dene, Prior Wath Rd, S'dale Construct menage Granted
10/07 Gorse Cottage, Pollard Rd, R'scar Erect single storey kitchen extension Granted
11/07 Grange Fm, S'dale Create hardstanding, reprofile bank & landscaping works (part retrospective) Granted
12/07 Church Fm, S'Dale Create wildlife pond Granted
2/08 Lowfield & Whitestone Fm, S'Dale Overhead line work, undergrounding of cables Granted
2/08 Church Fm, S'Dale Convert redundant outbuildings to annexe & temporary relaxation of agricultural occupancy restriction Granted (relaxation of occupancy restriction only valid to 30/6/11)
2/08 The Wath, Gainforth Wath Rd, S'Dale Erect sun room & convert flat roof to pitched roof Granted
3/08 Fairview, Robin Hood Lane, R'Scar Erect two storey rear extension Granted
3/08 Wellington Lodge, S'Dale Erect replacement sunroom extension Granted
5/08 Hillside Grange, S'Dale Change of land use & erect 6 bay stable block for domestric use Granted
6/08 Rudda Fm, S'Dale Erect agricultural building Granted
6/08 Brinka House, Station Square, R'Scar Erect timber shed & holding pen for two goats (retrospective) Granted
6/08 Raven Hall Hotel, R'Scar Erect log store (retrospective) Granted
7/08 Scar View, Raven Hall Rd, R'Scar Erect log store to side of existing garage Granted
8/08 Island Farm Cottage, S'Dale Alterations & first floor extension to form residential annexe Refused
9/08 Radio Mast, R'Scar Replace existing fencing with 2.4m high palisade metal fence in green. Granted
9/08 Methodist Chapel, S'Dale Change of use & alterations to provide holiday accommodation Granted
12/08 Staintondale Village Hall Reposition oil tank & block up 2 windows Granted
12/08 Cobb Farm, Ravenscar Site mobile home for use as agricultural workers temporary dwelling Refused on appeal
1/09 Island Farm Cottage, S'Dale Alterations & first floor extension to form residential annexe (amended scheme) Granted
4/09 Meeting House Fm, S'Dale Change of use of part field to form pedal go kart circuit Granted
4/09 Ravenscar cricket ground Erect scorer’s hut & noticeboard Granted
5/09 Sunnyhill Bungalow, R'Scar Erect side extensions, construct lots of dormer windows, new detached double garage, change of land use, alter access Withdrawn
6/09 Meeting House Fm, S'Dale Vary condition 3 of existing consent so as to permit number of huskies kept be increased from 12 to 30 Refused
7/09 Ness Hall, R'Scar Install flue pipe, Ness Hall, Ravenscar Granted
8/09 Ness Hall, R'Scar Erect double garage Granted
9/09 Sunnyhill Bungalow, R'Scar Revised scheme - dormer windows & extensions Granted
9/09 Wykewood Bungalow, S'Dale Extension & replacement conservatory Granted
10/09 Moorland House, S'Dale Change of land use, erect extension Granted
10/09 Grange Fm, S'Dale Erect 120kW wind turbine (as amended) Refused
10/09 Barn House, Plane Tree Fm, S'Dale Erect 1.5kW wind turbine Granted
10/09 Ravenheath, Ravenscar Rooflights, window alterations, catslide dormer Granted
11/09 Whitegates Bungalow, S'Dale Replacement timber clad bungalow & garage Granted
11/09 Rudda Fm, S'Dale 1 bay extension to farm building & erect grain silo Granted
11/09 Meeting House Fm, S'Dale (Revised scheme) Vary condition 3 of existing consent so as to permit number of huskies kept be increased from 12 to 30 Granted
12/09 Hillcrest, Ravenscar Erect rear porch & lean-to greenhouse to existing shed Granted
1/10 Boundary's Edge, R'Scar Change of use & convert store to studio Granted
1/10 Falcon Inn, Whitby Road Extension for replacement toilet facilities Granted
4/10 Grange Fm, S'Dale Erect livestock building Granted
4/10 Grange Fm, S'Dale Erect general purpose agricultural building Granted
4/10 Grange Fm, S'Dale Extension to livestock building & machinery workshop Granted
5/10 Ranworth, Church Rd, R'Scar Erect porch to rear for use as potting shed Granted
6/10 Fairview, Robin Hood Rd, R'Scar Single storey side extension, alterations and new drive to form stable & boiler room Granted
6/10 Fairview, Robin Hood Rd, R'Scar Demolish utbuildings, erect garage block and carport Granted
7/10 Hill View Barn, S'Dale Install satellite dish (retrospective) Granted
7/10 Hill View Barn, S'Dale Erect post & rail fence and decking Granted
9/10 Methodist Chapel, S'Dale Change of use to holistic therapy/teaching centre, create car park & alter access Granted
9/10 Reafen Cottage, R'Scar Replacement single storey side extension and garden room extension to rear Granted
9/10 Church Fm, Raven Hall Rd, R'Scar Erect single storey porch & garden room extensions Granted
10/10 Grange Fm, Staintondale Reserved matters on agricultural worker’s dwelling, Granted
10/10 Cobb Farm, Ravenscar Convert stable building to form 1 dwelling and convert barn to stable block, Refused
11/10 Beacon Windmill, Ravenscar Convert windmill & barn, erect glazed link & demolish leanto to form 1 holiday cottage, Granted
3/11 Bees Nest Fm, S'Dale Convert garage to living accommodation (Listed Building application) Granted
7/11 Meeting House Farm, Staintondale Change of land use and erect ménage + associated fencing Granted
7/11 Mountain Ash, Staintondale Erect replacement porch & windows + 2 rooflights, alter garage opening, erect greenhouse Granted
7/11 Grange Lea, Staintondale Erect 6kW wind turbine (mast height 15m) Granted
7/11 Beacon Windmill, Ravenscar Vary condition 3 of NYM/2010/0887/FL so as to allow letting to someone for up to 11 months in any calendar year Granted
9/11 Grange Fm, Staintondale Erect milking parlour building & associated landscaping Appeal dismissed
9/11 Grange Fm, Staintondale Erect 50kW wind turbine (height to blade top 34.2m) Appeal dismissed
9/11 The Barnhouse, Bell Hill Fm, Staintondale Install replacement uPVC double glazed windows Granted on appeal
10/11 Boundary's Edge, R'scar Erect verandah to front of artist's studio Granted on appeal
11/11 Ravenheath, R'scar Demolish 2 garages & shed, erect detached single garage Granted
11/11 Meeting House Farm, Staintondale Retrospective – erect borehole pump house & filtration kiosk Granted

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